Partisan Black

Partisan Black - still not the Russian Standard

War changes everything. Also partisan! With Putin's invasion of Ukraine, it was immediately out of the question for us to stop producing Belarusian goods.
It was the final trigger for a step that we had been preparing for some time due to political developments: to bring all production to Germany.

True hearts never die

We wanted to rethink our classic. With Partisan Green, we already laid the groundwork for a switch to German production in 2020. At a traditional, family-run distillery
in the south we found conditions where we could even set new quality standards: with naturally pure water straight from the mountain spring and wheat from independent farmers, coupled with everything we have learned about vodka so far.

40% alcohol, 100% passion

The result is a mild, pure vodka with a clear note of wheat. We are at the same time wistful, grateful and proud that we can now continue the real vodka craft in Germany without having to rely on characterless industrial bottling. Despite extreme energy and wheat price increases, we continue to produce fairly at all levels with moderate price corrections.

This is the new Partisan Black. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. To a new chapter!


Partisan Green 40%

The classic partisan has dedicated himself entirely to the Russian vodka tradition. Nevertheless, Partisan not only stands for tradition and quality, but also for progress and zeitgeist. That's why we've thrown our hearts and souls into the next adventure: Partisan Green!

Our basis is again pure wheat. At Partisan Green, we opted for organic certified wheat from Germany. In addition, it is of central importance that we can always guarantee continuous quality without sacrificing character.

In addition to the excellent ingredients and the quality of the craftsmanship, sustainable, vegan and organic-certified production was essential for us. After a long search, we found the perfect combination for all of our quality criteria in southern Germany: a family-run distillery with over 100 years of experience, equipped with a distillation system and filter technology that is perfect for vodka, right next to a spring whose water flows through the depths of countless rocks - and mineral layers, which gives the Partisan Green its gentle but mineral character.

After the perfect brandy was defined together and after final cold filtering, the Partisan Green was created with its convincing, pure mildness and its typical character.


Bag in box

As a contemporary company, Partisan is constantly facing new challenges. Sustainability plays a crucial role in this. How is it possible to reduce the ecological footprint without sacrificing quality? How can we be even more responsible with all of our resources; Save CO2, material and packaging waste? Partisan found a solution in the bag-in-box. As has been known for a long time from the wine segment, Partisan is now extending the unmistakable advantages of the bag-in-box to the spirits segment. Consistent taste with fully recyclable packaging. Separate, fold and throw in the bin to save space.

What remains is real, traditional distillation craftsmanship in a high-quality and mild distillate.

Available in two packs:

· 3L - ideal for celebrations, smaller events and gatherings, for consumers and caterers

· 10L - perfect for sustainable solutions in hospitality, large events and retailers with no-package concepts


Partisan Oat - the oat vodka *BIO*


Unique in Europe, handcrafted and up to date. Granted, oats don't make vodka any healthier. But more exciting!

Partisan Oat Vodka impresses with a very fine, mild characteristic, which develops in the sweet direction. An alcohol content of 44% forms the perfect balance of soft mildness with maximum flavor development.

For the higher effort to produce a pure oat vodka of this quality, we needed experienced master distillers. In a traditional, family-run distillery in southern Germany, where all other Partisan vodkas are also made by hand. Natural mountain spring water and organically certified oats from independent farmers do the rest to meet our trusted standards.

Only the price level is atypical for Partisan Vodka, because on the one hand this is due to the higher use of raw materials, since oats are significantly less profitable than wheat, and on the other hand to the production costs of small, handcrafted batches. The overall picture of a high-quality premium vodka is stylishly completed with a stopper. A festive and contemporary eye-catcher in the range.

For friends of vodka, curious people looking for something special and all those who don't want to just talk about gin anymore.


Green buoy


For the first time we get family additions away from vodka. For this step we have teamed up with the peppermint liqueur experts from Feine Sahne Fischfilet.

Nobody has given "Pfeffi" more limelight than the band from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. And regardless of their years of tastings before, on and behind the stage, they are just correct guys with whom we share the same values. The perfect basis for a collaboration!

Together we wanted to do it differently, but above all better, and spent a long time tinkering with the perfect liqueur for us. In contrast to the usual products on the market, we wanted a natural taste. In a specialized manufactory we found the special peppermint extract, which is also obtained with mint from regional cultivation. You can taste the difference immediately. The usual sticky mouthfeel is also a thing of the past, because the significant reduction in sugar content offers enough space for the real mint taste.

Another thing that Partisan and Feine Sahne Fischfilet have in common: we love good design. That's why we went our own way here too and are proud of the result.

Of course, the Northern Lights also had the perfect name in their luggage and the "Green Buoy" was born.




Partisan grew out of an idea among friends and went the way from a venture to a company. After a visit to Kyiv, where vodka can taste really good, such vodka should also make it to Germany. The founders of Partisan wanted to bring a product onto the market that is for people who share their values. They found the softest wheat brandy for this, along with reliable partners who also share their values ​​and convictions, in Belarus. As a tribute to all resistance fighters, this vodka was christened Partisan.

The brand was created without any commercial ulterior motives or prior knowledge and clearly reflects the mentality of the founders. Despite growth, this adventure of founding is still evident in the free and economically independent brand and creates its central attitude towards life.

From Belarus to Germany

After Partisan Vodka was initially produced exclusively in a small, independent distillery in Belarus, Partisan Green Vodka, an organically produced vodka made in southern Germany, was added to the family in 2020.
However, as the system in Belarus continued to tighten, Partisan thought a lot about bringing the production entirely to Germany. With the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine in 2022, the production of Partisan in Belarus was stopped immediately. The repressive state apparatus there should no longer be able to finance itself through partisans. That is why all other Partisan product lines were brought into the already familiar southern German family business - a traditional and independent distillery with over 100 years of experience.



A partisan is a freedom fighter and that's exactly what this brand embodies. Partisans would not defy any challenge, even if the task sometimes seemed too great. With this passion of a partisan, the brand opposes the industry, even if the means and conditions are actually much worse. The characteristic freedom of the brand is created by Partisan's economic independence. Because for Partisan, brand values ​​are more important than unconditional commercial success. Partisan is therefore more than just a vodka, because the brand is not defined by the product, but rather can be seen as a project. In contrast to other brands, Partisan acts freely, is authentic and sincere. Partisan clearly stands out from the rest and shows itself to be a trustworthy brand with which one can and should identify, because Partisan is a brand on an equal footing.

With Partisan you get high quality vodka at a fair price, but also a loyal friend. The brand has already experienced a lot and can tell quite a few stories. Nevertheless, Partisan does not remain in the past, but is contemporary and passionately committed and forward-looking. Partisan always remains true to itself and the brand identity. By combining previous experience with innovative ways of thinking, Partisan is strong but also exciting.